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Note: The selected zone will be what we print for you. Anything outside of the selection will not be part of your mural. The Adobe Watermark will not appear on the printed mural.

Decomurale DR2000-MY 20 oz vinyl wall covering. of the highest commercial quality. The surface is suitable for all images and provides just enough texture to make your project stand out, without interfering with the printed design. Not pre pasted. Tapestry glue required. Invisible seams with double cuts required on the wall. A professional installer is highly recommended. Panel widths are between 32 and 48 inches.
NW1300-SH Wallpaper Pre-pasted non woven wallpaper - water activated - 32 to 48 inches wide panels (maximum width). Thick material with no overlapping joints. Matte and felt like finish that hides minor wall imperfections. Simple butt-joint installation which is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. No experience required. Stain resistant and moisture resistant.