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FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE   |   30% Off Site-Wide!
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A staple in wall murals, window graphics, canvases & more

Adding dimension and glamour to a room has never been so easy and effective.

With over 100 million images and patterns available for printing your custom mural, we have the right image ready to print on the highest quality product which will tranform your space into a unique visual experience.

Decomurale inc. offers extensive experience in the printing and installation of :


Wall Graphics

Decorative Films

Floor Graphics

Solar Films

Ceiling Graphics

Security Films

20 Years Experience

Since 1993 we have been involved in the process of producing and installing designer window films and printed graphics. Our more than 20 years experience has allowed us to experiment in a multitude of different products and procedures. From different ink types to different printer technologies and different media types, we have had experience with all of these directly on thousands of designer worksites where only quality and longevity is the norm. Our products and procedures have been tried and tested on the largest commercial and residential venues.

Our Commitment

Our passion for what we do has allowed us to excel above the rest in our field and lead the way as innovators for others to try and mimic. We have proven, time and time again, that we do not compromise on quality or service, ever. What we offer as products on our website are the absolute best. There is no alternative for those who demand quality and longevity.

Installation has never been so easy.

We have also invested greatly in the technologies that allow our customers to not only have the best quality wallpaper products, but also, allow them to order and get through the installation process with unrivalled ease, speed and pleasure. Our mission has always been to insure that no matter how little or no experience our customers have, that they should obtain true designer quality products, and also, enjoy an ease of installation which ultimately requires little effort and looks as if it were professionally provided and installed by our very own staff.

We help you transform your space into a unique visual experience.

Find the perfect Wallpaper for your space