How To Hang Your Canvas Print

This ‘How-To’ guide demonstrates the steps involved with securely mounting your sisson canvas print using the supplied plasterboard kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This process applies only to plasterboard (GIB / Drywall) installations. Use of the supplied WallDriller brand anchors is highly recommended but not essential – a couple of screws or nails directly into the plasterboard may be more your speed.   But, be warned, nails and screws almost always sag and fall out of plasterboard over time!  The supplied anchors will support 25kg each when correctly installed and will never work loose.

For hardboard, plywood or solid wood hanging you do not require the WallDriller anchors – simply install a nail or screw directly into the wall at your desired height. Mounting to concrete or masonry is a whole other world of pain and may require specialist tools and advice.

Finally: we take no responsibility for any damage inflicted upon your walls during the installation process – if you rent, be sure to check with your landlord before boring holes in their walls!

Let’s get busy!

Step 1: Select a Height & Position


Carefully select the desired position and hanging height for your canvas print.  Couples may wish to seek relationship counselling in advance of this process….

Step 2: Mark Off The Final Height


Using a pencil, lightly mark along the top of the print while it is in position (test that the pencil can be erased from the surface before using it).  If you own a spirit level, this mark only needs to be a 20-50mm long (see next step) – if you don’t have a spirit level make the (light) mark about 300mm long.

Step 3: Measure Down


Measure down 45 mm from the finished height line and make a pencil mark- this is the level at which we want to install our hanging screws.

Step 4: Make A Level Line


Using a spirit level, make a line about 500mm long*.  If you don’t have a spirit level you will have to trust that your life-partner’s sense of level was correct in Step 2 and measure down 45mm from the final height line in a couple more places.  It may pay to pre-book another session with the counsellor ….

*For long panoramic prints this line will need to be longer to achieve even weight distribution across three screws.

Step 5: Make A Divot


Use the knock test to find a spot free of framing timber behind the plasterboard and then, using the point of a Phillips Head screwdriver, make a small dent in the plasterboard.

This will ensure that the plasterboard anchors ‘start’ in exactly the right spot. 

Step 6: Install The Plastic Anchors


Install the plastic wall anchors using a large Phillips Head or Pozi Drive screwdriver. There is no drilling required for this step the anchors cut their own hole quite easily.

The anchor is correctly installed when it is flush with the plasterboard. DO NOT overtighten the anchor!  Space out the two screws so as to evenly spread the load across the canvas print frame – this will vary according to print size.

Step 7: Insert The Mounting Screws


Begin screwing the mounting screw into the plastic anchor – but refer to the following photos first! 

The screw head must sit snugly in the hanging groove on the top stretcher bar. Use the supplied frame off-cut to set the correct screw depth – AVOID screwing the screw in too deeply as it may be hard to back it out – take this step slowly!

This screw is incorrectly set – the print will likely fall off the wall! 

Step 8: Admire Your Skilled Handi-work!

Carefully mount your print on the wall (use two people for large prints) ensuring that it is firmly placed upon the mounting screws before letting go.

Stand back and bask in the double joy of owning a limited edition sisson canvas print and having mounted it like an artisan all by yourself!